Challenges of Being an ENTP Woman

In regards to your comment about the general acceptance of your innovative ideas being gender related, I have struggled with this and have come to a couple conclusions:

-It probably has less to with your gender and more to do with the way you present your innovations. In a similar manner to your rationale, I have explored the possible root of the rejection of my ideas being my visible minority status(a very compelling case to be made). After exhausting that possibility and, in true ENTP fashion, getting bored with it, I moved on to looking at how people are convinced of ideas and came to an understanding that it had very little to do with logic (or else this world would be a much simpler place...mmm global Pygmalion project haha). For example, your presentation in your video would be extremely difficult to digest in one sitting for the average Guardian without the use of some stimulant...whereas I find your style quite energizing. If you want to be persuasive, apply your knowledge of typology to your communication and tone back the you: well-explained, cold, and fast paced...I hate saying that because I think I am pretty awesome and could care less about pandering to the average, but again, do you want your ideas heard or do you want to just be you? because you can't have that cake and eat it too in the context of persuasion.

-Innovation is scary to the vast majority of people (traditionalists), making us inventors big scary monsters to be burnt at the stake. Most people just like to complain about the state of things to feel as though the state of their lives matter and to reduce the feeling of being a grain of sand on an endless beach. This fact is key in considering which environment shifting battles to fight...will-power is a limited resource and you can drive yourself to a shadow of your potential fighting battles for people that don't want to win them.

I have a question: Are the changes you are trying to create worth wearing a mask? Or is your sense of identity more important than any change you'd fight for? If we, as rationals, really want to be effective at innovating we have to consider the fact that an innovation is useless with no buyer...and the buyers are sexist, racist, traditionalists who share none of our values or language you freaks!...I love freaks.

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