Childcare now costs more than rent. No wonder more women are "opting" out of the workforce

My dad tried to work for it, he caught a way shitter hand than me though.

  1. Adoptive father was abusive to him (My dad understood why though the guy came from an even shitter hand than him and just wanted to keep some kids from going through an orphanage even if he was the best candidate it was still better than what it could've been)

  2. Teacher canes his back so hard he has nerve damage (Still has it in his fifties) making it impossible to keep a job for than a year before it flares up, he the manual labour jobs is what tipped it over into a yearly issue

  3. Alcoholic brought on by abuse (When his father confronted him about it he just calmly told him "There's a reason I drink that reason is you and that school", but went to rehab after getting into enough minor scuffles that the cops chucked him in a cell for a few days and told him "Fix your self or this will be a few years"

  4. getting fucked over from psycho exe's top one is when he threatened to kill the pedophile molesting his step daughter and the mother getting mad at him for it and ending it. Great now the daughter thinks if she tells someone that person gets in trouble, and also he can't have a drink anymore to try and forget what she told him.

  5. Nerulgia, nicknamed the suicide disease, ohh yeah and you can't see your friend dying of cancer on his deathbed because your unable to stand for more than 2 minutes let alone go in car for 5 hours to see him.

  6. You know that child safe cot, yeah that'll kill your son and you will feel guilty about it for the rest of your life because you thought something was off but your back had fucked up that weak and movement made it feel like your back was on fire and crippled you so you could only do the minimum to help look after the kid. And you still can't drink to try and forget it.

My dad understandingly got pissed when my middle class prick of a cousin was talking shit about his generation fucking stuff, just told him "You're warm, can see a hospital when your sprain your ankle, have shelter and your parents give you pocket money for being a lazy, entitled little prick. Do not speak like that to me again, I've worked in swamps cutting trees and saw a mate lose a leg to chainsaw because they wouldn't provide the proper safety equipment but our choice was work or live on the street."

The world shits on everyone, get the fuck over your self, if you haven't found a job go apply as a fucking janitor or in the forestry industry or are you to good for that?

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