Children of divorce - any recommendations for a man dating a woman with kids?

I'm a lawyer who used to practice family law, but moved on to less petty and pointless things years ago. I have some work and personal experience with this. Odds are, whatever excuses everyone makes for entering a LTR while still in the middle of a divorce are just that. It's a rebound relationship for one or both parties. You are the exception? Someone else here is the exception? Bully for you, but it's more than likely not true. If it is a divorce that has not settled yet (It's an old cliche among lawyers that it's always an unreasonable and abusive spouse on the other side - always), this is triple true. Back in the day, I did a lot of rebound relationship divorces. The couples would always say that they were too emotionally fragile to date and should have waited rather than jumping into a relationship before the old one ended.

Meet those kids now and they will always associate you with the divorce. They will resent you and their mother sure as you are born. I saw this happen again and again in practice; often the parent in the relationship was completely and wilfully oblivious to it. You have no idea how many kids' custody evaluations would come back where they would just explode at one parent who insisted they really liked the new boyfriend or girlfriend even more than the biological parent or immensely resented mom's new bf who appeared in the context of a divorce.

I realize everyone knows better these days, but separated people should wait to date; especially if they've got kids.

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