China May Be Concealing Organ Harvesting Through Fake Donation Data, Scientists Report

Almost half of the supposed missing girls were actually simply unreported to the Chinese government, given the need to conceal them under the One Child Policy's constraints. (Note that this has led to other issues--if you don't legally exist under a government, that's a whole host of its own issues.)

Fun fact. An estimated 6 million out of the estimated 16 million Jewish people died during the Holocaust.

Horrible right? Well the Nazi's only managed to find and kill about 37% of those Jewish people in hiding.

If the one Child policy "ONLY" kills half of the "supposed" missing girls (awfully calous way to speak about the murder of millions of people) then I guess we can atleast agree both are unacceptable.

Also the west is remarkably chill about the whole murdering girls thing. We stopped trading with the Nazi's early in WW2. We didn't do anything during the one child policy.

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