CMV: We are all being played by Russian bots and trolls…and the trans issue is a great example

I think it's an issue, but you couldn't fan the flames if there weren't embers.

The attitudes of yester-year aren't gone. Some ppl view what some of us see as progress as degradation.

Here's an example.

My mother wanted me to either a preacher, or doctor. Needless to say I never mentioned the change in my beliefs when I became more agnostic as a teenager.

My mother came to visit me in Cali a couple years ago. She knows I no longer believe, though was intent on seeing it as a "crisis of faith". Unable to truly believe I had long left faith behind, she tried to lead the customary prayer of thanks before eating dinner. She was pretty much in tears when she realized my kids had no idea what she was doing.

Try convincing her that everything isn't going to hell in a hand-basket, and the souls of the children aren't on the line.

She's not a part of this bs, and has an attitude of weary disgust over current issues.

But if I wasn't straight/cis? whatever, she'd be certain living amongst these Californian heathens had somehow corrupted her poor boy.

How much stirring up do you think some things need?

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