CMV: Atheists must conclude the holocaust was wrong only because they or society currently view it as wrong.

Murder is ontologically wrong. It’s wrong by it’s very nature. That’s why the definition of murder is: a wrong killing. God on the other hand does not by his nature exist.

So murder is wrong because murder is wrong? Deep stuff.

To be clear, you're making a claim about the definition of a word, not a factual claim about the world.

Saying there is a “proper way” to do science and logic is itself a moral claim.

You might want to look up "moral," because that isn't what "moral" means. And while you're at it, you might also want to look up "murder," because your definition of that term was likewise inaccurate.

There’s nothing actually stopping atheists from simply saying murder is self evidently wrong.

As noted above, you are making circular claims based on definitions of terms.

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