CMV: "Eviction Moratoriums" are unconstitutional, immoral, and a blatant example of leftist abuse of power

I don't think there can be, that flies in the face of what a "right" is. What would be a "right" for one person becomes another person's involuntary servitude, as in this example.

"Rights" are the freedom from the government censoring your speed, or from the government taking away your guns, or from the government forcing you to house soldiers in your home or from cruel and unusual punishment. I don't see how there can be any such thing as a "right" to be given something for free by someone else. That wouldn't be fair to the other person.

Declaring "housing" a "human right" is a literal direct challenge to our entire economic system. People work for years and invest a lot of their hard-earned money into real estate; what's the point if it's merely a "human right" that one doesn't have to work for? I don't understand why people are allowed to spread these evil ideas in the US.

When far-right ideas are spread the media / social media / talking heads freaks out and tries to ruin the careers of everyone involved, so why isn't the same happening to the radical politicians talking about housing being a "human right" and forcing Americans into involuntary servitude?

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