CMV: If Jesus came to US politics, most conservatives/Republicans would be against him and his views

Op it would appear we will likely be unable to continue this. That my comments got so significantly down voted in a span of 20 minutes indicates someone has shared this somewhere and a bunch of people are coming here solely to downvote my comments or mine & someone else’s. This subreddit doesn’t do this. This os more typical of sub a lot of Reddit areas that hate any view point that breaks their own. It’s the reason why the views of most of reddit and the outside would rarely seem to line up. I enjoyed our conversation but the echo chamber will just continue to blow up my inbox and notifications and quite frankly seeing it just reenforces my view that most people on Reddit are crazy left wing extremists. It’s never good to spend too much time around extremist no matter your side. I’m sure they’ll take it as a victory. They usually do. Suppressing speech is kind of their thing. Good luck. And have a pleasant day/evening.

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