CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile

I see myself as moderate and I never agreed with Burnie's economic views but if it had been Burnie vs Trump I would of voted Burnie because I think he's an honest man who would of always put the country and the people first. I have no illusions that Trump will be a good President, I can only hope he will be mediocre at best, but I am voting for him because it is painfully obvious how much Hillary has gamed the system and has a lot of the media firmly in her pocket; if you need proof look for the clip where CNN was interviewing a man who pulled someone out of a fire and they had his shirt censored because it said "Trump 2016" because they can't show that a Trump supporter is a good person. Every controversy about Trump the media goes into great detail about, which they should, but anything bad about Hillary gets buried under the rug and they tell you it isn't a big deal. I had a security clearance in the Army and I had to take a bi-annual class on information security to keep my clearance and in that class you are taught about mishandling information and those consequences, if I had been sending classified info using my Yahoo! email at best I would of been stripped of my clearance immediately at best and may even get jail time, but she gets no punishment and can still run for President. America is supposed to be a place where we are all treated equally but so far she has been able to do whatever she wants because her last name is Clinton. Hopefully if Trump wins it will be such an embarrassment that this women will leave the public eye and will end the Clinton dynasty before Chelsea tries to run in 2024.

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