Coliving Spaces. What have you loved, hated, or found completely useless? Do you use them, do you not?

Big tech companies like hiring startup founders who built semi-viable companies. It is guys like the Appsumo founder (who I pointed out as an example already) who get hired. 76th in at Facebook, fired from Facebook, but of interest. Not 1st in at no hope no money startup.

It's a bad strategy because you DO NOT impress other businesses when you fail from your bedroom.

People who work regular jobs are networking... you don't go from bedroom to $1 billion. There are steps in between. Working a full-time job brings a network. Most importantly, it brings money to keep your business going when you (invariably) run out. This keeps VC away for longer and gives you more money should you choose that route because you will own more of your business at that point.

Most startups do not have co-founders. They have co-founders after they grow to a certain size. Most startups - like it or not -begin as solo projects in a bedroom somewhere.

I mean a business is only a business when there's revenue. Yes, there are some statistical outliers where this has not been true but they are so far outlying that they are irrelevant. A business requires money to attract investors and when you have money you can pay co-founders and give them fewer shares in the business as a result. This is smart business 101. Basic economics. You only seek money from a position of strength if you want to be rich, you seek it from a position of desperation and if they give it to you - they take 95% or more away from you.

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