Continuing friendship with a girl I previously asked out makes my current gf uncomfortable

So let's establish a couple constants:

- Sally is not ever going to date you. No woman who is single is going to turn someone down two times in a row for a date. I frankly don't even know why you asked a second time, but to each his own.

- You are presently in a relationship with Sarah, she seems like a solid woman to be with

- If you. can't stop hanging around Sally, with "working for her" as your guise to keep her attention and try to "win her over", which you won't, your girlfriend will eventually leave you.

You and Sally will never work out, she's not into you. Don't throw away what you have now because you're chasing unicorns. If the relationship you're in is just to make Sally jealous, you end to let Sarah go because you're being a narcissist and a bad boyfriend. If you actually like this woman, you need to bid farewell to Sally, who isn't interested in you and never will be, and focus on your relationship with Sarah. Don't do what so many people do and cling to people who don't want us, you could sabotage a good thing you have going for a fantasy that doesn't and will never exist.

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