Could someone tell me who the circled character is?

Ok - gay person lesson right now:

I have stated that whenever this topic comes up, it results in the “oh it doesn’t count because it’s 616” - this is the beginning of the argument that essentially makes straight people ignore what usually happens next:

It begins to spiral into “clearly it’s a political agenda, and they couldn’t ever do anything like this in the main book”. Emotions start flying, a parent chimes in about protecting their children, and usually someone is sending private messages to me about how I’m a sodomite, and that makes me a bad person.

You with me so far how good can result from the slippery slope of the “technically”.

And then that usually opens the door for someone saying something outright hateful and ignorant. Then someone else chimes in to support that hateful comment. And then it’s the “we all have the right to our own opinion”, and then it ends in a Bible verse.

So I’m trying to avoid all of that, and stop it dead in its tracks. There was no exchange of information about where this came from only “is not canon”

It’s “not official” - it “doesn’t count”

This is the slippery slope I’m talking about.

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