"Creep" is a term usually given to men, have there been any experiences you've had with a woman where they could have been labelled such?

Sophomore year of college. Girl in one of my courses clearly has a thing for me, I'm not interested.

We eventually exchange numbers (I've forgotten why I think we were partners on a project or something). Couple days of her having my number go by and one day I oversleep and missed the class, didn't miss any major group project or anything, just a lecture.

I wake up to 7 missed calls, 2 voicemails each 2-3 minutes long, and I think 11 texts (all within a 90 minute period). Take this as a major red flag and since the project or whatever is over I move where I'm sitting in the class so it's not right next to her. Basically start ignoring her, make it as clear as possible I don't want to be bothered by her.

One day I'm leaving one of the school buildings with a friend and I see her out of the corner of my eye, instantly ditch the friend without a word as to why and walk as fast as I can to the parking garage. I can see that she's seen me by now so I go all Assassins Creed on this situation round a corner park my ass on the bench in the middle of a crowd and try to blend in.

I think ive lost her. Suddenly she rounds a corner and is standing right next to me asking me why I've been ignoring her. I used to compete in running and I knew I could outrun her so I take off - sprint 200 feet, run up a flight of stairs, across the 2nd floor lot, hop over a jersey barrier run up a car ramp hop in my friends car and tell him to floor it.

At no point did I think she was stalking me or trying to hurt me, I just really don't think she got the message that I wanted nothing to do with her because while I didn't directly tell her I just tried to give her that signal to not be overly mean.

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