CS:GO’s History Of Operations (3kliksphilip)

Im assuming this was your main point?

My main point was the one at the end of my first argument msg and the one i restated, very hard to miss that...

but to say it had less then other is completely ridiculous when prior to hydra it was mostly seen as the worst operation.

Umm, no. Thats quite the opposite as to reality.

And if you want to start pulling up old ass reddit threads, heres some about why vanguard was not liked

You can find threads about anything... Im looking at the first 10 posts when they are searched, read next time. And if you going to bring up posts find a decent couple. you found a 0, 6 and 473 upvoted posts. 0 and 6 wow. But the 473 upvoted post does bring up a vaild point but one isnt enough. Whereas I had two post with 871 and 852, enough to get to the top of best depending on what else has been posted. These two posts bring up relevant points are are popular enough in the community to be some of the first when you search bloodhound, a popular category competing against multiple topics like the chinese logo change and gloves.

drops, youtubes, redditers and even a few pro players complained about how lame the missions were mostly because of the set drops.

Please show some proof of youtubers and pros with proper arguments.

Your point isnt legit because its stupid. Zoomers wernt playing CSGO enough at the time to be the vocal majority

I used zoomers as slang for kids. I should have just said kids. But with kids my point still remains as a good one and no they weren't a vocal majority like i had previously said due it being a shit point.

Also dont even start to talk about maps, Aside from Season all I ever heard about the vanguard maps is that they were shit and lame

By the way you typed that it sounds like you didn't even play so who are you to judge. Anyway both vanguard and bloodhound are quite even when it comes to map pools, both being good.

You cant judge an operation by its map pool because the vocal portion of the community doesnt care enough about more then 1 or 2 maps per op.

We agree on something.

and again youve ignored my point that Operation didnt ad anything new other then negatively affecting the mission system and charge for extra campaigns.

Again, can you read. I had mentioned it in a previous post. And i will mention something great it added below.

Breakout added -Missions -Map Pools -3 new collections

Vanguard added -Worse Missions -2campagins with 2 more available for extra money

Bloodhound added -2 campaigns -Guardian Gamemode -Assassination Missions -Story -3 new collections

Yes, breakout was a decent operation that added missions. And vanguard added worse missions? What are you on about, they were all the same as breakout. You can say one is bad when they were exactly the same. Vanguard added the campaigns, something great that changed operations. Yes the two additional campaigns were unnecessary to cost extra but it was at least justified with the increased amount of drops you were getting. Bloodhound added 2 campaigns the same as vanguard, assassination missions and guardian gamemode, these are both criticized modes that overall the majority of people didnt enjoy much. The story was dull and boring but it was still an alright addition. And the new collections were great. But none of that really didnt increase the enjoyment of the operation, the only new good thing they added was it was a weird story, compared the the campaign in vanguard which really upped the level on operations.

Like i said we cant just judge the operations now we have to go back to when they were played and vanguard was a fresh compared to other operations with the campaign being the new style whereas bloodhound people got bored off due to tedious missions and it being relatively the same as vanguard.

Go eat some more rocks you gronk. U mad bro

Shit talking is related to being mad but they are not the same thing at all. Must be sad going through reddit thinking everyone is mad and not having some fun.

Feel free to reply but im not replying anymore to you. You have brought up very few decent points and alot of shit points and its not worth arguing with some who cant construct a good argument back.

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