CTE Patch: Teamplay Initiative Patch #20

Another patch today, some really neat Mantle fixes in here – we are really looking for mantle feedback to see if these changes improved your gameplay!

CTE PROTOTYPES No changes in this release for any prototype.

PATCH CHANGES These are changes in this patch:

Mantle fixes
Several mantle changes in this patch. This should result in a much better game for you guys.
Remember however that the AMD driver issue is still not updated in their driver (Win 8.1 + specific AMD cards = memory leak)
Squad Obliteration changes
Fixed the musc playing after a bomb is planted.
Added OOB combat visual effect when player tries to walk the bomb back to their base
Added new forward spawn icon
Updated quickmatch text
New screenshot for quickmatch screen
SquadObl bombs spawn in sequence instead of random
Fix loading image not showing up.
Adjusted forward base icon locations
Siege of Shanghai: Moved bomb spawn near stairs to near the container, Disabled power to elevators when levolution happens.
Removed auto force bomb when trying to return the bomb back to your home base. Players can actually bypass the force drop and hide out in the spawn area. Switched to a system where the player has 3s warning before the bomb gets reset completely. Going out of bounds also works the same way as well.
Removed build up music on the last bomb plant. Only plays the win/lose music.
Improved new vehicle control scheme  (decouple driving from aiming adv. option)
The decoupling now works for all control methods (incl. keyboard/mouse and veteran)
Added new bullet impact sounds
Headshots, body etc. This is a first draft – and might need lots of tweaking before we like it. Give us feedback!
Squad Spawning 2.0
Spawn screen vehicle occupants showing player class fixed
Stabilized IRNV and FLIR crosshairs
Removed mesh center dot and replaced with texture. Adjusted shaders to make the center dot glow.
Jet HUD improvements
Increased size of jet ALT, Speed and PMS displays

SQUAD OBLITERATION CONFIGURATION ISSUE On the CTE when currently we run a server with Squad Obliteration it shows up as Conquest (due to CTE Battlelog needing an update). These servers named “OFFICIAL SQUAD OBLIT” and have 1 users really is Squad Obliteration however!

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