[DAE] have their N's tell a story that they thought was cute/funny

*sorry it turned into a wall.

So, a few memories that came flooding back reading through this thread. Stories that are "cute" and "funny" and retold by my Nmom like it is the best thing ever.

I'll start chronologically by my age.

  1. Pushing: When I was a toddler and just learning to walk, my brother (2 yr older) would push me down. I would stand up and try to take a few steps, and he would push me over. So, in response, whenever I saw him while trying to walk, I would just plop my ass down. I'd see him coming and just stop and plop. Soooo hilarious, right? Nmom thought so. I wonder how or where he learned to push me or who encouraged him? -__-

  2. Coffee: (More of a neglect/oblivious thing, not retold much.) So, Nmom thought that Mocha meant chocolate (doesn't it?), so she packed those glass bottle starbucks mocha drinks with our school lunches, thinking it was "chocolate milk". I was in 1st grade (U.S.) and Bro was in 3rd grade, so 7/8 and 9/10 yr. She told us they were chocolate milk and was (N)offended when we complained and said they were gross. She made us drink them until we outright refused/protested. Oh how silly of me, they were really coffee. -Nmom nowadays

  3. Escape!: Our first home was a corner lot next to a main road and at the entrance to a cul-de-sac. I don't remember exactly when this happened, but we moved after I turned 9, so probably around 6-8 yr, Bro is 8-10 yr. Bro and I decide to bust this joint and prop a wooden board against the inside corner of the walls lining our property. We walk up it and over the walls and hop down to freedom. We roam free and walk the streets. We head to the park along the main road about two blocks away, hang out for a while, and head back after we get bored . We decide to swing by our neighbor friends' houses, but they're all in school like normal kids, pshh (we're "home-schooled"). We soon realize that we can't hop the wall the other way, and are to young (short) to climb it, even with a boost. So, the jig is up, and we decide to turn ourselves in for our crimes. We ring the doorbell and wait for our mother to answer, to her surprise. "I thought they were outside playing, and I answered the door to see them waiting, haha." -Nmom

TL;DR Older Bro bully pushes over toddler sibling who is learning to walk. Nmom gives her children Starbucks; only the best for her 1st and 3rd graders! Escape artist children show up on doorstep, ~silly~ oblivious Nmom.

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