Daily Discussion Thread: 10/14/2018

Following up from my previous post, I had a chat with someone about my mental health which was pretty eye opening. It definitely let me destress a little and put things into perspective. Talking to a counsellor (or anyone in general) is definitely worth a shot for anyone struggling with mental health.

Besides that I've had a pretty interesting week. Got a new inzer forever belt, hit a PR, tweaked my back, and tore one of my straps all in one day. Managed to lean out a little since I've been out of the gym which is pretty I guess. Also a qt asian who I asked out and got rejected by asked me out a couple days later so got a nice little date planned. And then to top it all off, while lifting up my windscreen wiper, the upper half of the wiper came off all of a sudden, causing the metal clip to slam down and crack my windscreen.

Been a rollercoaster of a week but I guess on the bright side the physio and my windscreen are covered by insurance, I'll be back in the gym in a week or two, and I've got a date planned so its something I guess.

pianabot hit me with some words of encouragement goddamnit

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