Daily OT Feb 25

Thanks again for all your feedback in this area haha.

And it's pretty obvious that for poor OP being stuck with her husband's parents for weeks on end while he's gone all day is really taking a toll, so they definitely need to have some sort of talk.

Yeah this is pretty much the crux of the issue imo because I’m trying to practice “console in, dump out” and it’s really hard for me to not just tell my husband how annoying it is to have his parents there because idk, it doesn’t seem fair that I complain. They’re dealing with an addict (albeit enabling him so it’s hard to rationalize) so this is really a time of crisis and I’m trying to just stfu and deal. Hoping they get approved for an apartment soon so this will all end and I don’t even have to face it.

So I’ve mostly kept my mouth shut but idk maybe my “dumping out” isn’t as therapeutic as it needs to be or something.

And then yeah, on top of the stress of the in law crisis, it’s like, hi did you really need to brag on social media about this young girl calling you boo or whatever the fuck motivated this sharing

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