Daily Simple Questions Thread - July 15, 2021

Hey all, I have been working out for the last 9 months, and my gut has gotten a lot bigger. However, it's hard.

Like I can poke anywhere on my body, and there's less than an inch of flab, and I can feel the ridge down the middle of my abdominal muscles. But now my gut extends past my chest

My dad is convinced I'm growing visceral fat and it's pushing out my abdominal muscles. A quick Google search didn't really answer our questions.

I've also put on weight like a mother fucker. I entered the pandemic at 230, and now I'm 270, but again, I can't poke an area with more than an inch of flab. Not sure if this is a sign that I'm putting on visceral fat or not

For context, my usual routine is 30 minutes on a rowing machine, 50 push-ups, 5 minutes of planks, 50 bicep curls, 50 squats, and 50 shoulder raises. I don't do much to focus on my gut, yet it is much bigger.

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