Democrats confront North Carolina blues

NC Dems agenda should be untied with...

Republicans want income to be at 3% let's make it 0%

Let's be honest Republicans want no business tax, which means more taxes on NC residents on goods and their personal property. To ease the burn implement negative income tax to NC residents based off previous income tax, permanent address in the state, and making $120 thousand or less. Have 3% to 6% for every $30,000. Those making more are eligible for $600 optional tax prebate.

Raise sales tax to 10% and max Coutnies can add is an additional 4%.

Increase funds to preschool to 12th grade education. Set classroom student to teacher ratio to 1 to 15 or 1 teacher/1 paraprofessional to 20 for K to 8. 9 to 12 - 1 to 25.

Tax paid public preschool.

Tax paid community college.

NC reisdents that attend NC higher public education institutions live in the state for 10 years will have $10,000 of their education paid off.

NC Public Health option and expansion of public education.

8 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave at 60%.

4 weeks of paid FLMA at 60%.

Legalize marijuana and hemp products.

Support agriculture in the state.

Support 2A rights.

Support school choice.

Increase toll roads and expand rail/bus infrastructure.

Expand airport services in local airports.

Continue to attract businesses to expand the economy.

Tie mininum wage to 200% poverty level at single household.

Make mail on voting easier.

Accountability fix leaks in state budget.

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