"These numbers and trends are sobering," Cooper said at a news conference after announcing that another 1,768 people statewide have tested positive for the virus and that the percentage of positive tests is on the rise, up to 10 percent.

There's no stopping a virus like this. It's exponential in nature. Closing everything down slows down the spread of the virus but won't defeat it. People are suffering because they can't run their small businesses. People are depressed because their livelihood is at stake. People are unable to get the help they need from companies that are shut down. It's not a black and white argument: shutting everything down does just as much, if not more, harm to people than the virus itself. A stay-at-home order being reinstated will do more damage to the mental health and economy of NC than the virus would. Think about the OBX and Wilmington. They won't financially survive if Cooper reinstates a stay-at-home order.

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