Despite a large reduction in calorie intake and increased exercise, I havent lost any weight.

Well I mean a typical day of eating for me is usually just one meal. A typical meal would be one potato of home fries with onions and bell pepper, two scrambled eggs, and two slices of toast. Then later in the night I might have something like chips and salsa or milk and cookies. But Im highly certain its usually no more than 1500 calories. But calorie count aside, what I eat now is less than half of the amount I used to eat. Before corona a typical day of eating would be a scone or bagel and cream cheese in the morning for breakfast, a burger and fries for lunch, 3 or 4 slices of pizza for dinner, and then a late night meal of eggs and toast. Despite that massive amount of food my weight was stable. Throughout the day I'd walk or bike maybe 2 or 3 miles.

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