Did Judas get to go to heaven?

I think this is an answer for "predestination." There is a verse that says "in the house of my father there are many vessels, some of honor, and some of dishonor..."

From eternity to eternity God has always been. This means God knew us even before time and the universe existed. It also means that God has been in the future. He has seen it, and lived it.

Men have a choice in the way they operate. So, God knows their hearts and the choices they can make. Even when he knows this God presents them opportunities, so that they never have excuses. In the case of Judas, he betrayed Jesus, so when he is before the tribunal of God there cannot be a defense for him. He was selected and handpicked by Jesus himself. He was given the choice by God.

There is another verse that says "even evil works in God's favor." This means that God knew there was going to be a man named Judas, who had the audacity, the choice, and the guts to betray Jesus. He also could have betrayed many more. Perhaps he never did business fairly, and was always on the lookout to con someone. This is a vessel of dishonor. Then, God used this so that Judas could sell Jesus.

God used Judas, but Judas is not a fixed object in time. The only sure thing in everything is God. That means that instead of using Judas, God could have used a goat, a toad, or a rock. Perhaps a flock, or a band of ravens to signal where Jesus was... or maybe a trail of ants... anything is possible.

However, God knew Judas, and he used Judas to make us understand something: Even when God knew Judas would betray him, He loved him. He loved Judas, and allowed him to walk with Him, and hear Him, feel Him, and be heard.

God is someone that is so close to us. He allows everyone to hear him, speak to him, and try to understand him. But just like Judas, there is no excuse the day we are before the tribunal of God.

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