Difference Between ISIS and Saudi Arabia. Spoiler Alert : Not Much

I have no clue where people get their information about this, YES there are videos about isis doing this shit but where have you ever seen hand cutting for "stealing" or stonning for "adultery"!?! The only death that is happening which is if you murdered someone WITH the intention and I believe that not only in Saudi Arabia but around a lot of countries around the world starting with some states and specific cases in the USA. Even then, the execution can be avoided if there's a Hint of misunderstanding or even better yet, if the family of the victim forgive the accused, his life is speared (he still spend long time in prison) but his life is speared. There extreme cases that even if families forgive he would still be executed and that happens for cases associated with real psychopaths (last one was last year where someone raped a kid then killed him and his dad and hid their bodies in his store or something) he was executed.

Now, to adultery, there was not one case of adultery crime punished by stoning in Saudi Arabia history..(lashing, yes..But never stoning).. Just because it's mentioned in Shariah law doesn't mean it's happening... The conditions for adultery for married ones to count there would have to be tones of conditions (including the eye witness of 4 men actually seeing the penetration happening (videos doesn't count) and even then, those 4 men and room conditions have to support their claim (dark room or one of witnesses wearing glasses? Case closed) which almost if never happened!!

You have no idea how much the judges tries to make excuses to avoid capital punishment! And all capital punishment have to have the signature of the king who sends people to the family of the victims offering them millions just to forgive...

The high number of execution you see is not related to any of the crimes mentioned but usually for drug smuggling in large quantities for distribution purposes.. These are no joke and severe punishment if found guilty is always the case (which in return made the country one of the leading countries in minimum drag trafficking around the world)

So, please.... As much hate is for the middle east or its countries or traditions or specifically their religious beliefs. Get your facts Right... There's enough hate on this bloody world and putting a country and it's people next to what might be the worst evil that ever existed in middle east is not helping their case.. Not our case, not anyone's case.

Apologies for long wall, and thank you for reading until the end.

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