The difference in TS% between Harden and Westbrook is larger than the gap between Westbrook and Roberson

Its not like OKC started the season and said "Hey guys, you know what would be cool? Lets get Russ triple doubles. Lets help Russ win the MVP. That is what our plan is as a team going into the season." Instead, what OKC coaches did was notice that their team was lacking, and in order to give their team the best chance, they would have to up Russ' usage rate and get the ball into his hands as quickly and as much as possible. They noticed that went Russ got rebounds, the break started much faster. Russ is quicker than nearly anyone else in the league at going rim to rim with the other team on their heels, which makes for easier chances at points. This would be an actual game plan. So, OKC crafted a game plan to get the ball into Russ' hands, and it has helped them get into the playoffs. They are winning games. A byproduct of this strategy is that Russ averages more rebounds because it helps to have him grab the boards and get up the court quicker. Another byproduct of Russ having the ball in his hands more is that he will be distributing at a higher clip, and with the other team on their heels, there is a much better chance at 3 on 2, 4 on 3 and Russ finding an open player by attacking the rim and dishing. Thus, higher usage rate, strategy to grab boards and push the break, creating 4 on 3, 3 on 2 ups assists, we see a byproduct which becomes the triple double. This does not mean that the team is actively pushing for it as a strategy, it just means it is a byproduct of the strategy that helps them win the most games. To me this is common sense, but everyone has a narrative to push. I will say this though. It seems as if Russ plays within this system for a good 3 quarters and gets his numbers and then will stop looking for players to pass to and starts shooting more in the 4th quarter. The Thunder could possibly win just a bit more games if he had been developing his team's confidence over the season in 4th quarters by continuing to pass at a high clip instead of taking the weird forced 3 that he likes to to take that just seems completely off from game plan. Over all tho, you have to give credit to the OKC game plan for what they have been able to do this year, and the byproduct of the triple double season is a great personal reward for how well Westbrook has been playing.

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