A different kind of announcement

The way I see it, all of social media is braggy. There is nothing not braggy about it.

"Look at this selfie of me being cute." "Look at this pretty cake I made." "Look at my cute baby." "Look at this status I wrote." "Look at my beautiful holiday decor." "Look at me graduating with a degree."

We are just hyper focused and sensitive to TTC because that is where we are in life. As far as people talking about how quickly/unexpectedly they got pregnant, I think that if the opposite is okay to share (fertility struggles) then "easy" fertility journeys are okay, too. A lot of people have mentioned how much support they find from posters who talk about their TTC struggles, and I'm willing to bet that there is a whole group of women who are comforted that they aren't the only ones who had an "oopsie." You said it yourself that there is a stigma about them being "irresponsible." My sister is a young mom who had two unplanned pregnancies, and I know that she follows social media accounts of moms who are in the same boat.

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