Disabled boy dies in China after father quarantined - Authorities only fed teenager with cerebral palsy twice in a week.

(personal boundaries don't exist when a normal person wants to know every little detail of your handicap)

Fucking THIS right here.

I have CP. I've had it since birth. It effects my right side (arm and leg) I look like your average non-CP having person, I even speak like a normal person too!

Too many times I've been met with this statement:

"You have a disability? You look fine to me"

GEE fucking thanks Karen at the DMV. I always look for validation from strangers that I look, act, and sound like Your Kind!

I had surgery when I was three to make my leg muscles more flexible, the surgery snips your achilles tendon, the resulting effect it a slight limp. My right hand is a little awkward too, I dont have complete dexterity.

But my whole point is that people THINK that I'm normal and "like them" until they see me walk or try to do things with my right hand... then they know something is weird. I get asked all the time what's wrong with me by complete strangers and co-workers.

Many times, if I say "oh I had leg surgery" that's not good enough and they ask more questions.

I love the ones who don't ask me, but discuss me around the water-cooler with other people even more. I'm hyper-aware, I know you stare and mutter or give knowing glances to the other people around.

I can't fucking tell you how irritating and draining it is to be EXPECTED to divulge personal medical information on demand to anyone who wants to know because "they're curious"

If I don't feel like it I'm labeled mean, or stand-offish if I'm sarcastic about it.

I've been told by well-meaning friends that I shouldn't get upset, people are "just curious"

I ask them to imagine having one of their parents die, then how would they feel if random strangers, co-workers and acquaintances continuously asked them questions like, "What's wrong with you? Oh your parent died? How'd they die? What's it feel like to be to a person with a dead parent? I'm really curious." On a daily basis.

Stop asking people about their disability. They'll mention it if they feel like. Especially if you're not actually good friends with those people to begin.

Stop being fucking rude.

And don't even get me started on the whole inspiration porn thing. That shit can die a fiery death.

I'm cursing, and this topic irritates me - but I'm not angry.

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