Disclosing that you’re trans

I think i feel more forgiving than the rest here but it might be because i’m not exactly the one in that same situation. But i feel like although this is a big piece of info to withhold, he couldn’t have shared it without being somewhat comfortable with you first. It’s a personal piece of information. You can compare it to age/marital status info etc. but being trans carries a certain stigma that those other information does not. It’s hard. Being discriminated against probably makes him distrust people more so than average. I know you said it’s stressful for you but it was probably stressful for him as well.

He probably could have told you sooner than 4 dates/3 weeks in but i suppose most people don’t really form much of an attachment in such a short amount of time. So either cut your losses or talk it out and see how it goes. If you are open to dating him whether trans or not, chalk it up as him not being up front with something so vital but did eventually tell you, but makes you wonder if he could be like this whenever there is something stressful to share (ie future scenarios like losing a job, sharing some addiction to something). If you aren’t as opened to dating trans individual as you thought, then move on.

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