Why does most of the western media only care about separatist war crimes during the Ukrainian civil war?

Because whenever I watch canadian, american, bbc, ctv, cnn, almost all western news channels, I always see russia getting blamed for everything, even when little evidence is shown, and when they constantly try to push for talks.

Girkin: actual translation " a an26 was shot down in the area of torez near the progress mine. We warned them not fly in our sky, and this is video proof of the falling bird. The bird fell by the field, did not hit the civil sector. No civilian casualties". "A" an26 shot down, does not state who did it. Source for translation: russian gf. Plus, notice how right when it got shot down by whoever, with no proof on both sides, america and its allies immediately blamed russia. Meanwhile, when most of the planet was looking at Ukraine, Israel used the cover and invaded gaza. IF ukraine army did shoot down the plane then they were probably ordered to by america(why America because it plays a vital roll in this crisis) orders. Also, apparently many people confessed to seeing a plane shoot down mh17, and the pilot who flew it himself said so:



Pilot: themillenniumreport.com/2014/12/ukraine-pilot-reveals-kiev-plane-shot-down-mh-17/

Interesting about the buk site, hard to think of much when you have to defend yourself against airstrikes. It probably shot down an26.The ukranian army COULD have know about the buk system, and used it as an excuse. Girkin did say a Su was also shot down near torez. The BUK looks "outdated" like late 80's, probably from the armory.


The tatars make up around 20% of the population in Crimea. They were always unhappy with russia, throught most of russian history. THEIR IS A CIVIL WAR GOING ON BETWEEN WESTERN UKRAINE AND EASTERN UKRAINE. PETROSHENKO(WITH HET HELP OF RIGHT, SECTOR) ENVIES RUSSIANS SO NOW THAT HE IS ACHIEVED POWER IN UKRAINE, HE STARTED A CIVIL WAR THAT TURNED INTO GENOCIDE! MEANWHILE, AMERICA IS FUNDING HIM MONEY AND MILITARY AID! Dont you understand?? Open your mind and atop watching only western media, watch from both sides! Be neutral! You have the Ukrainian army with the right sector party( they have the Bendera mentality, that was given to them by SS nachtigall) killing RUSSIAN-SPEAKING UKRAINIANS. Ex... north vs south american civil war. The petroshenko government is ordering the right sector (because noone else will do it) to is kill the Ukrainian politicians that either betrayed their government or know too much info that they could become dangerous. Russia and Putin are not the aggressors they are the people that are trying to stop this civil war. And what the hell are we talking about?? WE INVADED 7 COUNTRIES IN THE PAST 4 YEARS!! Russian invaded = null. Wikipedia is bullshit, anyone can rewrite it. Last time I went on to read about the ussr it said (united socialist soviet peasents). And you open your mind, use ur brain, read both sides to the story. If u want to know more, I will be glad to teach you.

PS. Kievan Rus (Ukraine) was always russian, since, 900 ac. They always loved each other. During ww2, when the sphere of ukraine was occupied by the SS, hitler ordered groups of anti-soviet soldiers to be formed out of soviet traitors. The SS division was SS Nachtigall. One of the leaders of the soviet traitors was Stephan Bandera! Him and his groups killed thousands of ethnic ukrainians, russians, polish, etc... now, after ukraine became its own country, they rewrote all their books, documentaries etc and now honour bandera "as a hero who liberated ukraine", they've been brainwashed totally for the past 20 years. Also you know the russian flag that has an eagle with 2 heads. One head is for russia, and the other is for kievan rus

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