Does a person name have any effect on how they are perceived? Or is it just something to call them?

It does have an effect on how someone is perceived. If their name is hard to pronounce or simply uncommon, it's hard for people to keep that person in mind. Actually, it might be the opposite for some people with very unique names, but definitely hasn't worked for me since, well, kindergarten to now.

My name is highly unusual and every teacher, family friend, etc has failed to remember how to say it correctly, or even remember that I existed at all. I try correcting them a few times, but I usually have to give up because they inevitably default to their initial mispronunciation of the name. They all had no problem asking me "how's (sister's name)?" because she has a common name.

I'm also pretty sure that's why I never get responses from a lot of job applications. They probably go through a ton of resumes/applications and simply find better candidates. But, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them were just like "Ugh, this name is too hard to pronounce, trashed."

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