Dog owners to be fined $4,000 for not walking their dogs

Either OP is calling both a proper walk and taking the dog out to pee as being walked, or they live somewhere it's not at all hot.

I'd love to be able to take my dog out more often to pee especially, and if I lived in a larger place (with an area for said litter box) I'd litter train him as well just because I feel bad if he has to wait to pee when he needs to, ever. So yeah, I do feel most people aren't able or don't take their dogs out to pee maybe as often as they should, especially if they work full time.

But if they just mean full on walks every four hours, that's kinda absurd. He's a 15 pound furry dog who, despite my best attempts to prevent it, even in mid 80s absolutely gets overly hot walking a mile or so. Which is guaranteed weather for about 9/12 months or so, with over half of those being up to just below 100 every day. You see tips like walk dog during cooler hours such as early morning or night, and so that's what's generally done.

Getting a high energy dog and leaving him cooped up and not very exercised is cruel, because he then gets anxious and wrecks stuff and it sucks all around for everyone. That's fairly neglectful, sure. But thankfully there's plenty of dog breeds that aren't like that, who would be happy laying around inside for a lot of the day. And given my dogs heat tolerance, I'm certainly glad he's one of them.

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