“Don’t brag about morals until you have money to fund your temptations.There are many things hidden in poverty.” ~ Ancient Sage, what temptations usually emerge when you get rich?

I've friends from South America who had mixed experiences with some having never been offered it, but certainly over there one would think if you know the right people or aren't a tourist you'd get the good stuff, but honestly it's all not good in the big picture, one can be very mentally addicted to it within a month or less and it can and will "call you" for up to 6 months once you've emptied your bank account and decided you've quit, let alone the constant dreams about getting more, it can only lead to a dependency and ruin if you let it get it's hooks in you.

I was vehemently against it in my early 20s yet when some came my way in my 30s I said "what the hell" and did a couple lines, next thing it was every weekend and Wednesday for 3 years myself, my gf and my best friend and his gf, we all live for the weekend but with blow all you think about all week is getting that stuff, it takes over your pleasure switch in your brain, nothing is really fun anymore without it, takes some time to rid oneself of the cravings and you may be prone to dabbling again down the road and have to check yourself.

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