Why don't hard ancaps and soft ancoms form an alliance?

Not to interrupt your guys' convo, but I thought I might chime in with a little of my own thought.

An anarcho-capitalist society is one where people don't aggress against something And here I was thinking that an anarcho-capitalist society is a stateless society where means of production are owned by individuals. Unless you can't hold the property that you've got by homesteading and contract, then the stronger take it away from you (within the bounds of their strength and best judgement, of course) and leave you the rest which you can defend. People in an ancap society would probably choose to not aggress against eachother because there would be private security services that people pay for that have the job of protecting their customers. Of course violence is one option but it is costly so different security services would be pushed to find non-violent solutions to these problems. On top of this, it would be unwise for anyone to do business with an aggressor because of the chance that they could be aggressed against or have contracts broken. And again, the aggressor would have to spend lots of money to be aggressive towards other people. Why do you draw that line at humans? Why artificially entitle people to ownership of themselves? Because humans, unlike other animals, are a lot smarter, and have the ability to think for themselves and make contracts and make decisions. The fact that I am typing these things means that I am claiming self ownership and using my body to type. (I don't know exactly how farm animals and such might be handled, but as those farm animals can't discuss with me what they would like they are on a lower intellectual level than humans. They basically only know how to survive.) The difference starts at a crossroads just past the statelessness, which is very much a road that every group wants to travel. If the state is demolished without the people understanding that forcing people into contracts is immoral, then a new forced contract called government will just pop up and history will repeat itself. Allying with anyone who advocates restarting the matrix of a monopoly on force is opposing the anarchist goal.

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