Drugs, Wrong Side of Internet, and why do you matter, Doc? (Drug seeking behavior) NSFW

Today I discovered Not-so-Light-net and *********, this is my reaction and how I felt about this discovery (would be pictures of a rant to a friend but imagur is down so I have to re-type like a savage.) BTW it’s a site that sells drugs, all of em. What made this discovery hit home for me is not the fact that the guy who runs this show is enabling thousands of junkies; junkies will do what they do regardless. But it’s the fact that he’s allowing thousands of people the possibility of medication that no doctor would ever prescribe because they’re too busy covering their asses to remember that their job is to help people (rough start, bear with). Pain meds for those with chronic pain, sleep meds for the insomniacs, euphoria for those on their death beds, and whatever else these drugs can provide people looking for help, he makes this accessible. Just about every drug was hailed as medication and used as such long before it became illegal. His site is uncontrolled as far as distribution goes and most people will abuse this fact against their own health; become addicted or overdose, but hell some people will huff spray paint and drink bleach. For other people it will make their lives exponentially better whereas they had no chance of doing it reliably without that market. Not only that, but he had the knowledge and brains to do this and get whatever the hell he wants already, but he still chooses to share. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he makes a lot of cash, but by doing this he puts his life at risk. If caught he’d be living the rest of his life ina cell and no one would give a fuck. Ain’t saying what he’s doing is right, just saying, with the options made available, he did the best he could. this is in part fueled after watching a watching a dying woman go out in pain, hospice helped but not as much as I feel they should’ve. After watching my grandmother (sweetest woman on earth) smile everyday no matter how sore and tired she is. She sleeps less than me (never) and he knees kill her day to day. Doctors prescribed her antipsychotics for this (multiple times). Thanks, fuckers. Most every member of my family has issues similar, Dad’s got more fucking joint pain and issues than any one man deserves, grandpa can’t get a night of reset to save his life, and the list goes on. Not a single fucking one has gotten any worthwhile help from a doctor for these issues, not even fucking relief. Bout everyone, including myself has been prescribed antipsychotics instead of a fucking sleeping pill or, God forbid, a painkiller. We’ve all gone there hoping for help, we’ve played the game and jumped through their hoops, and we’ve all given up after realizing there ain’t a doctor that’ll help unless you’re fucking half dead. Only reason I’d need an antipsychotic is because the medical system depresses me. Doctors are protecting their ass and I get that, they don’t want to give you things that are considered addictive. If you’re prescribing shit to people that they have no desire to take, well why the fuck are you prescribing it? If I get a good sleeping pill, you’re damn right I’ll display addictive behaviors, I’ll seek that pill, I’ll be excited when I get it, and I’ll continue it as long as I can. Why? Because it fucking works and I’m addicted to sleep. My grandma would be addicted to not hurting if anyone ever gave her a fucking chance and you better believe she’ll sleep better when it doesn’t hurt. But no, the chance of getting something you have a desire to take is .000001% (assuming you’re not riddled with cancer and still it’s not a great chance, also assuming you’re not just a placebo nut), but I guarantee they’ll throw some antipsychotics at you either way. After all, people who suffer and feel pain are fucking insane. It’s literally easier, more effective, and cheaper to go to a drug dealer instead of a doctor. Downside? Oh yeah it’s fucking illegal. This is shit I think about when I’m up all fucking night. Am I alone here?

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