Edgy "anarcho-capitalist" debunks strawman of wage slavery

I don't get it. Ancaps complain all the time about how the government is coercing them.

Only the state obtains its revenue by coercion, threatening dire penalty should the income not be forthcoming. That coercion is known as "taxation," although in less regulated epochs it was often known as "tribute." Taxation is theft, purely and simply. ...

—Murray Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty, 1982

As I explain in What It Means to be an Anarcho-Capitalist, to be an anarchist simply means you oppose aggression, and you realize the state necessarily commits aggression. If you are not an anarchist, it means you either condone aggression, or think the state does not necessarily commit aggression. As you say you are not an anarchist, can you please tell us which one describes you? Are you in favor of aggression (like socialists and criminals are)? Or, do you think the state does not commit aggression (like children brainwashed by government schools think)?

—Stephan Kinsella, "Minarchists: What are you: criminal or child?", 2009

State and government are the social apparatus of violent coercion and repression. Such an apparatus, the police power, is indispensable in order to prevent anti-social individuals and bands from destroying social co-operation. Violent prevention and suppression of anti-social activities benefit the whole of society and each of its members. But violence and oppression are none the less evils and corrupt those in charge of their application. It is necessary to restrict the power of those in office lest they become absolute despots. Society cannot exist without an apparatus of violent coercion. But neither can it exist if the office holders are irresponsible tyrants free to inflict harm upon those they dislike.

—Ludwig von Mises, "Epilogue", 1947

Yes I pay taxes... There are no ethics in the face of coercion, that is blaming the victim. Focus on the man with the gun, not the man in the crosshairs trying to survive.

—Stefan Molyneux, (unsourced)

"The government" does not exist in nature. If you're the last person on Earth, there is no such thing as a meaningful government. The government would not be coercing you since, again, it would not exist. Taxation wouldn't be coercion since taxation doesn't exist (who would you pay taxes to, yourself?).

You could have as easily renamed the comic "Debunking 'Taxes or prison'" and had a little picture of Ron Paul thinking "Taxes or prison?— That's not a choice, it's a threat!". You could leave the rest of the text completely unchanged and it would make just about as much sense (which is to say very little).

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