Eighties star Corey Feldman 'passed back and forth' by Hollywood paedophiles: report

but when you are being driven by sexual feelings ingrained in your brain, you'll do anything to justify why it's okay.

The things sex or the thought of sex causes people to do....

Anyway the point was that often locking people up for this only makes it worse (internally i mean). Obviously if someone is a danger to those around them they need to be removed from society at large, but i really feel that it shouldn't be the main "tool" used. In the juvenile system i wasn't locked up, i was put on house arrest and probation and forced to go to therapy. I had to have all computers and internet access removed from the house, and couldn't have a cell phone. I really think that my staying in society contributed to me getting "better". It allowed me to internalize and really apply what i was working through, and I learned to fight temptation while under pretty strict supervision and found good ways to avoid that part of my life, something I wouldn't have been able to do if i were locked up.

Fair enough. I actually have been arrested for something, spent a night in jail and then had to go to therapy and was on probation for a long time. I actually don't think the therapy helped me personally, but being locked up DEFINITELY would not have helped me. It angered and broke me, and I would have retreated more into myself than I already was and probably sought to further my terrible behavior. My crime wasn't sexual in nature but in a way I was abused growing up and I turned that on someone else. Emotionally/physically. I actually only ever felt like a victim in the whole g-d mess. I NOW know everything I did was shitty, reprehensible, and I was right to get in trouble, but the way the police/lawmakers treat situations like that does not help anything. Anyway, I'm not sure what my point was since I definitely did not enjoy my therapeutic process- mostly because it was group therapy, and I would loved to have had individual therapy but I couldn't afford it (another problem I had with the whole thing---clearly I'm not over it- oops!), and I don't like to talk about my innermost struggles in a group especially living in a relatively small-ish city.

But I digress!

You seem to have a pretty 'healthy' look at everything regarding what should happen to someone who is arrested. Although I think you being a minor definitely helped in your sentencing/probation.

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