El Salvador Rape Victim Jailed 30 Years for Stillbirth

Like 3 posts below this retarded shit you spewed out.

Actually, this kind of thing could happen in the US. The key issue as far as I can tell from other articles is that there is a dispute between whether or not the baby died in utero or was born alive and then killed by the mother. The prosecution's theory in this case is obviously the latter -- and they charged with murder under the theory that she gave birth to a live baby and then killed it and left its body in a toilet. (They didn't believe the medical evidence that it was a miscarriage or stillbirth). If a prosecutor in the US saw a case like this, they would probably file charges there too, right? After all, giving birth to a baby and then murdering it is illegal in the US just as it is in El Salvador. It's not that different from the Purvi Patel case which took place in the United States a few years ago. Patel's conviction was eventually overturned, but she was facing 20 years in prison. This kind of thing could happen in the US, not because the US is some evil monstrous place but because these laws are very difficult to enforce because of the complications of evaluating the difference between a stillbirth and a death shortly after birth. Having really strict anti-abortion laws and poor access to prenatal care in general probably doesn't help matters either.

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