Elemental Evil Preview Patch Notes NW.45.20150122b.1

Elemental Evil Preview Patch Notes NW.45.20150122b.1

New Features
Level Cap increased to 70!

    With the release of Module 6: Elemental Evil we are increasing the level cap and the many systems that are associated with that including:
    New class features and feats for each class!
    Enchantments and Runestones may now be refined up to rank 12!
    Artifacts may be refined up to rank 120.
    Companions can now earn Legendary quality and gain up to rank 40 with new passive powers to unlock! Companions can all also gain 5 new ranks regardless of their current quality.
    Professions can now all reach level 25 (currently still in development)
    New items, potions, refinement stones and profession resources to accommodate for the new level cap!

The Drowned Shore
In the wake of the defeat of the Blackdagger Bandits, trade along the High Road gradually resumed. Rangers of the Emerald Enclave took it upon themselves to guide merchants and travelers through the stretch of coastal forest that surrounds the Blackdagger Ruins, while keeping watch to assure the fortress did not become home to some other baneful force.

A contingent of dwarf miners under Udo Stonekin took up working the abandoned mines in the area with modest success.

Meanwhile, Lord Neverember assigned a small contingent of Neverwinter Guards to garrison the lighthouses at Raven Cliff Beach with orders to prevent those beacons from falling into the hands of pirates and wreckers as happened once before.

The Guards were somewhat surprised to find an ornate tower built on the shore. They learned this tower was built by followers of Lliira who called it the Fountain of Delights. Visitors were offered relaxing, scented baths. Seeing no harm in this, the guards went about their business.

Patch Notes
Classes and Balance

        All characters should receive a forced respec to accommodate feat tree and power changes.
        Classes now have a new feats for each path as well as two new class features (some are still a work in progress or not ye implemented)
        Enemies more than 2 levels above you will result in a sharp increase in difficulty. (Down from 5 Levels).
        Regeneration: No longer provides in Combat Health Regeneration. Now increases the effectiveness of healing spells cast against you and provides out of Combat health regeneration.
        Life Steal: No longer activates on all attacks. Life Steal now increases the chance to activate life steal, which will steal an amount equal to the life steal severity the player has.

Items and Economy

    All Overload slot enchantments can now stack up to 99 if no time has been used.
    Companions: Companions now have an Expert and Master passive power that unlocks in additional ranks.
    Mulhorand, Dragonbone, Xvim and the Bahamut Fang equipment stops levelscaling at level 60.
    Potions: We have changed the way that stat enhancing potions work. Now you may have only one normal stat enhancing potion in effect at one time. The magnitude of many stat potions has also been increased.
    PvP healing potions now give an error message when you attempt to use them outside of PvP

User Interface

    Average Item Level displayed on your character sheet in place of Gearscore will be used to gate character’s from entering some Dungeons and Zones in the same way that Gearscore did. We are still in the process of finalizing exactly what will go into this number and it will be a sum of the item levels of your equipment, enchantments and artifacts.
    Gearscore has been replaced with "Average Item Level".
    Removed 'Exit Now' button from Change Character countdown menu option. Changed Log Off menu flow, so it never shows a countdown timer. Instead, if you are in an area where your character will stay on the map after you log off, it tells you how long your character will stay. Currently Protector's Enclave is the only area where you can logoff instantly.

Known Issues

    Most level 60 Epic Equipment has been updated to have its correct item level. Some of these items however, are still at Item Level 60.
    Combat: Artifact equipment will be increased in power to start at Item Level 90 before this module goes live.
    The Campaign Zones (Sharandar, Dread Ring, IWD, & WoD) & Queues have been turned off to focus attention on the new Drowned Shore content & level cap increase.
    Some quest interacts may not appropriately grant objective credit while in a party.
    Some of the Quest Tracker objectives & waypoints and not update while in a party.
    Heroic Encounters grant Success Rewards on the Failure Condition
    Protectors Enclave area in front of the market is undergoing renovations.
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