Employees of Reddit, what was the most pointless "can I speak to your manager" moments you've experienced?

Mom & Pop style used video game store. I was the manager for two years.

This dude came in wanting to trade in his old guitar hero controllers. They were filthy and covered in stickers. I told him, politely, that I had a pile of them sitting around collecting dust, and they're all in much better shape. It just wasn't a thing we'd want. Even if he peeled the stickers off and cleaned them, I'd only give him $2 each.

Dude doesn't miss a beat, just looks at me and says "manager."

"Yeah man that's me."

"you got a manager?"

"The regional manager, yes."

"Call him."

So I give Chris a call, and sure enough as soon as I say "Hey man, I've got a guy here..." this rude asshole yanks the phone out of my hand and goes on a rant about how I was being racist and not accepting his trade because he's black, and some white boy store manager isn't going to keep him oppressed.

Meanwhile, one of my employees (who's black, for whatever that's worth) is mouthing "WTF" to me in absolute disbelief.

Chris calmed him down enough to get him to hand the phone back to me. He said "Give him the $4 to get his racist dumbass out of the shop, put him on the ban-list, and smash the controllers out back the shop."

And that's exactly what I did.

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