Enemy (Jake Gyllenhaal, Denis Villeneuve film) - a newish theory, and remaining questions

I've split up the timeline into the "real world" in Grey, the subconscious character of Adam below it in Green, and (what I believe) is a dream sequence above it in Blue...

Things that are still confusing to me are in Red text.

This timeline relies somewhat on youtube explanations by Chris Stuckman https://youtu.be/v9AWkqRwd1I and Adam Johston https://youtu.be/Y5wNsafEQ2A.

But I think there are still some questions that no one has been able to answer. Most importantly: * How did Anthony/Adam get the scar (was it in the car crash)? * What was Anthony's real-world job during the months that Helen was pregnant (he couldn't have been an actor, nor a professor). * How did Adam have the torn picture (that we see later is Anthony+Helen)?

...I think this theory above answers most of these questions.

As for the spider/web imagery - I think that was the easier part of the movie. We see the wires in the city, and the crashed car window both as spider webs – but these were actually both "webs" that men wove (men built the city with the wires, a man crashed that car). It brings to mind the line about "lies/deceit being the webs we weave.” Of course, spiders have more to fear from men, than men do from spiders, as we saw in the stunning final shot of the film.

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