EP defends her son being pervy in a swimming changing room.

...(continued) @EyeArDum...they then drag the kid into a cubicle, and often threaten the kid's life if the kid makes any noise (they often claim to have a weapon, whether they do or not).

This is a threat that even subdues most adult victims. It also sets off a set of primeval responses in the victim. The human brain goes into an instinctive survival mode, in these circumstances. U (fortunately) don't seem to have experienced what the brain does when it faces a real threat to life. It's very different from how u might imagine u would react.

A child in particular, knows they don't have the strength to win a physical fight - and the brain prioritises survival over all else. So the kid usually stays quiet, to try to avoid the threat being carried out. The brain prioritises surviving over everything else, in these abnormal circumstances.

Molesters also usually do their research for weeks, even months beforehand. They may notice a child who comes in regularly, when others aren't usually about.

But even if others ARE coming in and out - how do they know anything is wrong? The kid is terrified and quiet; nobody looks into the cubicle; the paedophile stops when hearing people, etc.

As for the kid picking the person out? Again, don't u think most stranger-sex offenders, wear disguises? In any event, it's not unusual for kids to not even report the assault (or report it much later). The shame, misplaced guilt, etc., can be so overwhelming, they can't bear to talk about it.

Indeed, even with molestation by people the child knows, only a third of victims will tell someone b4 their 18th birthday. For these very reasons. I don't think u realise what emotional damage is caused, that intimidates victims from speaking up. It's not unusual for there to be an increase in suicidal thoughts, when a victim finally reports it.(continued)...

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