Erdogan Watched Attack on Protesters in D.C.

And I would disagree with their opinion.

Nothing their side can do or say will make me change my mind about the president. I don't fall for word games or false equivalencies. Any child can say "I know you are but what am I?" Doesn't mean the child saying it actually knows what they're talking about.

I had a "the donald" yesterday try to say "how come Obama didn't do anything when the Turkey body guards attacked us during their visit last year? I then watched a video where it looks like a reporter is asked to leave and there's some pushing and shoving and then they separate the reporter. Versus the video from the other day, where dozens of bodyguards roam around, knocking peaceful protesters to the ground and wildly kicking anyone on the ground. They just ran around and kicked and punched whoever was in site.

When someone has a problem with American citizens wanting their president to at least acknowledge his guests and their actions, and someone from the right feels the need to come over and say "why didn't you ask Obama, when this same thing happened last year?" Yeah you're done. All credibility goes out the window, if that's your response to this event. I have no time for that. It's disgusting how blind they can follow this presidents every move and apologize or compare the injustice that's happening to him. Oh poor president. When will we stop picking on him. Never, if you haven't been paying attention. If one side can claim their president is a Muslim and not an American Citizen, then they can politely sit the fuck down and listen to our "kooky ideas" for what this current piece of garbage is.

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