Excruciating neck pain

Healthcare professional weighing in =

OP, get to a doctor. NOW!

You may have a herniated vertebral disk. And if you do, ESPECIALLY with your pain being in the neck, you may wind up as a quadriplegic (unable to move legs and arms)

A lot of things you wouldn’t think could cause this to happen, may indeed have caused it to happen.

Do you pop your neck?

Quickly shift your neck to get water out of your ear?

Had a ground level fall?

Get pushed?

Car accident?

Even pulling and straining against proper body ergonomics can do this, and NO it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are!

That you are 16, and if you have a herniated disk, you have a chance of a recovery that returns you back to 100% because you are still in your growth spurt.

Do not wait, get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

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