I [F20s] am always the pursuer in dating. What am I doing wrong?

So elucidate if that's supposed to mean something specific or important to your autobiography.

I mentioned it to clarify why I'm not the sort who thinks it's the woman's job to wait on a bar stool for somebody to buy her a drink. I'm assertive, and I have no reservations about expressing my interest. But I'm starting to feel that these very attributes might be sabotaging my dating life.

Are you healthy? Do you workout, eat well, take care of yourself generally?

Yes. I'm slim, I practice excellent hygiene/grooming, and I'm in generally good health.

How do you dress? Is it intimidating, revealing, conservative, unflattering?

Form-fitting without being revealing. Brightly patterned leggings with colorful dresses, heeled boots, scarves and hats. Lots of bright colors, jewel tones, and patterns. I always wear makeup: more neutral for everyday wear, and bolder looks for special events, dates, etc.

How do you speak? Do you enjoy listening or do you constantly challenge? Do you allow someone to talk about themselves and their interests or just have a habit of talking about yours?

One-on-one, I tend to listen and talk in equal measure and I rarely challenge others' opinions unless they really touch a nerve. (You don't share my taste in movies/music/books? No problem. You think vaccines cause autism? PROBLEM. I'm pretty selective about the hills I want to die on.) In groups I listen way more than I talk. Probably 70/30 listening to talking.

Do you display insecurities about yourself or make self-deprecating comments when talking with someone (e.g. "Guys never notice me, I must be invisible!" or "I'll never find the right guy")

No. Not ever. I'd be very uncomfortable if a guy talked about himself that way on a date, and I wouldn't wish to inflict that same discomfort on anyone else.

Do you expect to find someone or feel entitled to someone? Do you only treat male friends as potential romantic prospects rather than caring for their interests, their views, or engaging with them as a person?

I would like to find someone but no, I don't feel entitled to anybody's interest. I have about as many male friends as I do female friends. I am attracted to some of them and not attracted to others, and regardless I treat them all as complete human beings, not partners-to-be.

What are your biggest flaws? Do you look at them positively or negatively? Do you expect things from other people or are you proactive?

Procrastination, poor money management, second-guessing my own judgment, and spending too much time putzing around online, to name a few. I don't expect to be handed anything, and I own my own fuck-ups.

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