Fan-Made Comedy/Action FIlm (please give me feedback)

hi - looks like you had fun with this :)

there was a huge change in look / color / audio when you shot the action stuff - I'm guessing an overcast day?

the opening footage dialog recording really suffered from what appeared to be using a mic on the camera (?) The ambient noise (traffic etc) changes abruptly between shots, and the vocal levels are all over the place. You might want to think of ways to capture the dialog with a mic closer to the actor (even a phone in a top pocked or held just out of shot would help (be careful of wind noise though) And capture some ambient sound ("room tone") to add to the final edit to smooth out the overall noise levels

the lighting in the opening scenes was super contrasty - this doesn't look great - especially when the last sequence was so different

maybe next time look for a location you can use at a time when it will be in shadow (from ??) or on an overcast day :)

keep being creative :)

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