FCC disables tools to find and comment on "Restoring Internet Freedom" proceeding after huge surge in Title II support

After this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight John Oliver both increased awareness and provided his viewers with a very clear guide on how to show their support for preserving the current Title II regulation of the internet and Net Neutrality.

Shortly after a surge in support of Title II, the www.GoFCCYourself.com redirect Last Week Tonight created as a tool to simplify the process was blocked, along with the search tools to find the Proceeding and the individual submission comments page. An additional Individual Webform)) url was also subsequently blocked.

Currently the only way to share our voice is to use the Bulk Submission Form which requires users to go through extra hoops in order to simply comment.

All other parts of the site function correctly, it is only these few very specific things that have been blocked or otherwise disabled in order to halt us from sharing our voices.

Everyone should refer to this post and please participate in preserving Net Neutrality.

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