Feeling myself again

I’m so glad that it’s worked out for you!

I have severe GAD, moderate depression and a psychosomatic disorder related to my anxiety that causes me to throw up constantly if I become anxious.

I was prescribed Zyprexa and a tranquilizer and it made me the most numb I had ever felt. I felt so “out of it” that I couldn’t tell what day of the week it was anymore. My brain seems to “shut off”, and I didn’t even notice. I forgot my dose once and I felt so amazing! I had laughed for the first time that week. I realized I could feel emotions, and that I needed them. I remember with that mix that I had severe memory issues. My friends told me that I told them the same story 3 times at multiple dinners together. It was awful. So I gave up Zyprexa

I am still working to find my med. It hasn’t been working. I low key have given up for now and I have just been throw up about 7 times a day now, but I am too scared to become numb.

Best of luck to everyone out there.

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