Fell asleep while putting the baby to bed on Valentines day, am I a terrible person?

Um, is this for real? If so, no you are not out of line at all. Falling asleep while putting a baby down is not something to be pissed off over. If my husband put the baby down and fell asleep in the process, I’d just be thankful that he handled bedtime. If we had big plans or something, I’d wake him and see if he felt up for it.

But wait a sec you’re also up with the baby during the night?? No wonder you’re exhausted.

Every couple has to do what works for them but I don’t see how this is a fair arrangement at all. Not knocking the challenges of staying home (I’m a SAHM to two, usually solo as my husband travels for work) but the idea that she takes care of the baby during the day, so you have baby duty at night is a little baffling. Like, if anything, nighttime duty should be split, as her job during the day is baby care, your job during the day is ______, so nighttime should ideally be a shared responsibility.

Have you guys tried/thought about couples counseling?

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