A final letter to #GamerGate from Lizzyf620

I really do hate this this feeling of helplessness about what happened to Liz, helpless and pissed off that that NOTHING is going to be fucking done about it. All these shitty ass sites and news outlets that lose their minds everytime one of the LWs breaks a goddamn nail aren't going to say SHIT about this, they'll NEVER just admit that they had even the slightest bit of fault in getting all of this shit started in the first place and at least TRY to squash the beef once and for all, no they'll just continue to crank out story after story after bullshit ass story about the GamerGate boogeyman to rile their fanbases of radical idiots up to keep doing/defending this kind of shit.

I can't do anything to help Liz, I can't do anything to stop the toxic influence of shitheads running shit websites that do nothing to fan the flames of all of this, and it sucks. I was angry when it happened to the anti-GG guy a few weeks ago, and I'm angry now. No one deserved this. Liz didn't deserve this. No one in this goddamn pissing contest deserves this. I still don't know why the fuck we're still here or why ANYONE thinks going to this kinds of extremes is necessary. Whether it's just "trolls doing it for teh lulz" or someone who sincerely wanted to silence her...

Liz, you're probably long gone by now and won't ever read this, but just know that you were a big part of creating this awesome new community. All of us rejects scattered across the Interwebz because we weren't the "right" kind of people in the eyes of hateful hypocrites somehow managed to come together and make something of our own. Something that mattered, something that made an impact, something that was truly made up of the love and support and passion and plain ol' fun that was always promised at those other places but was never really there. We PRACTICE what they preach, we actually LIKE on another on our side of the fence while all they care about is either being deified or worshiping someone that can do their thinking for them. You were your own badass, sharp-tongued, quick-witted, based as hell, legitimately passionate and compassionate woman that could intellectually stand toe-to-toe with anyone anytime anywhere no matter what the topic of discussion was. You never took shit from anybody, pro or anti, and you had the balls to fight for what's right, even if it made you a target for something like this (which is WHY the piece of shit that did this to you did it in the first place, because they're goddamn TERRIFIED of people like you). Whenever bad vibes were going around, you always came up with something to lift everyone's spirits, whether it be the Say Something Nice About GamerGate thing or the Sockpuppet Confessions thing, you always had something clever to boost morale while still kicking and taking names. That's why we all respected the hell out of you and why you have all this love being poured on you.

In context with GamerGate or not, I hope this isn't the last time we hear from you. Even when GG finally does blow over for good, I'd still consider you a true comrade, and as cheesy/mildly pathetic as it sounds, a true friend. Again, all the other side of the fence knows how to do is spew vindictive bullshit. We're here for one another, and you were always there for us. And it's going to suck without you here. There ain't but one Lizzyf620.

Yeah yeah, I know she ain't dead or anything, so this is all probably melodramatic as fuck, but whatever. That's just how I feel, alright? >_>

Thank you for taking a stand, you glorious sockpuppet you. Be safe, stay based, and take care Liz.

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