What did you think about your time in the military?

I'd rather hear something more genuine like... Did you like it? What was you job? Would you recommend it? Where have you been?

When I'm trying to check out at Lowes? No thanks. If you want to talk about all that you have to go drink coffee with the folks at the Legion Hall (which I recommend, by the way). As for the "thank you for your service" folks, they're just trying to be nice, and maybe even supportive. I consider it an ongoing part of my service to just smile and say thanks back.

The other day I was walking out to my truck, which was parked in a handicap space without the placard on my mirror because I was only parked there for a second. Guy passes me on the sidewalk and says "Is that your truck?" and I'm like, oh shit, here we go. I say yeah and he says, with sincerity, "Thank you for your service, man. Really."

That was cool. I appreciated that.

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